Ezekiel Cragstone

Feline Collector of Lore & Inspiration


A male Snow-Tabaxi. He mostly looks like a Snow Leopard, but standing on two legs. He’s rather scrawny for male, but still remains a little taller than your average male human. He’s got friendly hazel eyes with flecks of blue around the edges. On one of his arms, there’s an old burn scar, usually covered by the sleeve of his clothes.


Born Eyes High Watching of the Stars, he lived in a rather tiny clan of Snow Tabaxi. Their numbers had lessened due to hunting them for their rare coats, with one of the victims being Eyes’s father, Crag where the Snow Hawk Rests. His mother rarely paid him attention due to the depression of losing her mate, so he ended up being raised by the rest of the village. He was taught of many things, the history of his folk and of the little trinkets or artifacts that would be found. A stranger came to his village one day, speaking of the outside world’s wonders. Old enough to leave the village, he decided to join the stranger as an apprentice. The stranger called himself Ezekiel, and taught the just-out-of-cubhood Eyes High. He was taught of songs and historical stories from many different cultures and races.
Upon arriving to a big city, Ezekiel the stranger fell ill. On his deathbed, he made his apprentice promise to keep spreading and gaining knowledge. Agreeing, Eyes High gave himself a simpler name to go by, one that honored those now gone, and that name is Ezekiel Cragstone. After a few years, he settled himself at a college and taught students the history of his own- and others’- people. (In one of those first years teaching, he stopped a book burning and gained the burn-scar on his arm)
He soon found a longing for adventure again, and now heads off into a new journey to gain new knowledge, new stories, and perhaps new friends.

Ezekiel Cragstone

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